The soon to be announcedOfficial Launch PartyofHindley Street Music Hallwill bea celebration of South Australias finest musical acts, both past and present as the focal point of the nightsays Piticco. Singer/Songwriter, musician, Gaga impersonator and sleeping enthusiast. The reality may be far more complicated. Had me singing along! They can adapt their sound to accommodate any genre of music-love the sax and guitar solos featured in "Shake Your Body" and "Ain't No Sunshine"! I already used two of their other covers in the 2020 posts I mentioned. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Hindley Street Country Club. To wrap up this Biffle trip, here's our featured Aussie band, with a slightly different lineup of the "HSCC Bad Girls" -. Adelaide Music Wiki is a FANDOM Music Community. They almost have a "Chicago"-like sound on this one. Scrobble, find and rediscover music with a account, Do you know any background info about this artist? We werent hoping or expecting to achieve anything in particular, he says. Hi dear friend!I wasn't familiar with HSCC, but now I am glad to be familiar with them! We use cookies to ensure a smooth browsing experience. Sam Leske - guitar. Celebrity Speakers Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Australia. Sabatti Rover Tactical 308 For Sale, Jaap Sahib Quotes, Best Outdoor Dog Urine Odor Eliminator, Hamilton's Pharmacopeia Toad Pamphlet, E-zpass Pay Toll, Camshaft Holding Tool O'reilly, World Cat 290 Ec For Sale, 12 Volt 2 Pin Waterproof Connector, I'm sorry you missed last week's post featuring one of Philly's Phinest - Hy Lit. He says: The way the industry works now means that you have to work ridiculously hard. Listen to Hindley Street Country Clubs new songs including How's my buddy Benny today? Filmed & Edited by Dan Donato. Take good care of yourself up there and please come back and see me again soon! . Something magic happens when they perform., After recent sell-out shows in Sydney and Melbourne, and with Noosa and Perth coming up, Con Delo says he cant wait to take the excitement of a HSCC live performance onto the international stage later this year. You know darn well how much I enjoy gazing at your pencil sketches and color artwork. Hindley Street Country Club. HINDLEY STREET COUNTRY CLUB ADELAIDE BASED CORPORATE COVER BAND. Who are the members of the Hindley Street Country Club Band? The percussionist at the last two shows that we saw was the same musician, but when we first saw HSCC, it was a different musician. It nearly makes me forget the song is a Jacksons' cover, haha! My understanding, from a discussion that I separately had last year with someone who has known both Con and Darren for a number of years, is that Con wanted to tour and perform live shows, while Darren did not. Unless otherwise indicated the author does not own or claim to own any of the images, videos or recordings posted on this site. and many more. FAIR USE IS A USE PERMITTED BY COPYRIGHT STATUTE THAT MIGHT OTHERWISE BE INFRINGING. It started 5 years ago and has 207 uploaded videos. 1. This one:, Another group of guys who I also like are known as MainSqueezeMusic: It features the wonderful musical talent that hails from . I am not sure that it as simple as the sentiment of that article. He also performed with the newly formed local group the Hindley Street Country Club that same year. I cant quite put a finger on what is happening. Dusty Stephensen - vocals, guitar. the Hindley Street Country Club songs for free. We strive to always do the best we can, and to always have a great time doing it. You can find the originals on YouTube, of course, but Con Delo says that HSCCs point of difference is that he works hard on new arrangements. Five different women fronted the band in this show held at Shady's Place: Pina, Nikki, Kat, Lesley and Sarah. Please check your balance and then try again. Listen to Hindley Street Country Club's new songs including and many more. Jordan Lennon has a good voice. chart-topping single from Heart's 1987 album Bad Animals . 04:15. Europe is going to be good too. I change the grooves around, I muck around with the chords. Internet-busting Australian music group Hindley Street Country Club (LT), have proven themselves a musical force to be reckoned with. "MORE THAN A PLACE, THE SHADY DELL WAS AND IS A STATE OF MIND." While HSCC has numerous musicians featuring in the weekly videos (even in the post-Darren Mullan era), the core touring band is firmly established, as follows: There is also the percussionist, but I am unfortunately not sure who has that role, or if it is occupied by multiple musicians. John Collins, Venue Directorsaid:Im stoked to be bringing my experience and passion to a city Ive always truly loved. Everybody Wants to Rule the World. So then weve got four songs, which is a months content. James Muller was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1974 to musical parents. Most of the players and singers have known each other for years, and our name is a reflection of how many of us played various venues in the heyday of Hindley Sts live music scene.. Here again is Sarah Lloyde on lead vocals doing her best, Ann Wilson as she fronts the band singing "Alone," the, chart-topping single from Heart's 1987 album, Kat, a talented songstress from Adelaide, South Australia, appeared, HSCC pays tribute to the late, great Bill Withers doing. Congratulations! THREE TIME PULITZER PRIZE WINNING WRITER, CREATOR OF SHADY'S PLACE, DELL RAT, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, DELL RAT, CHIEF PETTING OFFICER, BLOG MASCOT, HOST OF TOP TUNES TIME TUNNEL, LIBBIN' IT UP WITH  THE GOOD GIRLS, TOM'S MIRROR IMAGE DOPPELGANGER CLONE FROM THE MULTIVERSE WORLD EARTH-90, HOST OF BANDSTANDS IN FOREIGN LANDS AND NEW YEAR'S ROCKIN' EVE IN THE SHADY, "DEBBIE THE DELLETTE MEETS THE RAT PACK", LIBBIN' IT UP WITH  THE GOOD GIRLS, TRANSITIVE VERVE and SENSE8 SENSIBILITY, BUD'S BUDDING BLOSSOMS AKA "THE BUDETTES". 68. r/Adelaide. When I just checked, these Adelaide musos are up to 19.9M views on YT. Purchase Options. Set to open in August 2022,Hindley Street Music Hallwill be a ground-breaking entertainment precinct for the city of Adelaide, acting as a hub for domestic and international touring artists. Thanks for coming so early in the post's run. They have separate jobs and other musical projects. From humble beginnings in Adelaide just four years ago, the Hindley Street Country Club has become the global poster child for the new/old music industry, with the mind-blowing metrics of 230 million social media views of their 217-song catalogue of golden oldies, and a 600,000 subscriber base. Kudos to this great band for their fantastic talents!Love this post, Shady! Sarah LLOYDE Thanks for asking. Welcome to Bandstands in Foreign Lands (aka BIFL aka Biffle) hosted by Shady Seaweed!I'm thrilled that you are just as excited as Mr. Seaweed over the talent and showmanship exhibited by the fine Aussie cover band The Hindley Street Country Club.Thank you very much for paying a visit, dear friend Arleen. Great job, Seaweed! Were getting 13 million new views a month, the majority of them international. The sound produced by the musicians and singers is totally professional, full-bodied and HQ.Thanks again for joining the fun, dear friend BB. Adelaide radio listeners were duped by a Canadian conwomans false story about breast cancer, and raised $12,000 to help. These guys are amazing. Listen and download music for free on Boomplay. Danny LOPRESTO Sep 17, 2020 - The Hindley Street Country Club performing LIVE 'HOW LONG'(Ace Cover)Recorded live @ Adelaide Recording Studios, Highbury South Australia. By far the best thing to come out of Hindley Street!!! 01. Hindley Street Country Club Bridgeway Hotel Gig Promo 2021 - Kat JadeTickets at STANDING + DANCING (according to current Covid Rules)HSCC Ladies - Friday May 7 Featuring Kat Jade, Sarah Lloyde, Pina Del Re \u0026 @NikkiKosmiderHeuskes. Now the band is taking it to the stage, playing a one-off gig in July, which will include some cover classics. Here I Go Again . What you describe is not how it is during the live shows. Weve spent a lot of time on the design of the venue ensuring the relationship between the performer and the audience is the best it can be, and to create an incredibly intimate space where fans feel super close and connected to the artist. That is consistent with what was told to me by someone who knows both of them well. Our plan is to build one of the best music halls right here on Hindley Street, and to also do our bit filling it with the greatest local and international talent.. I'm happy to know that you like "Biffle," the Shady Seaweed series that shines the spotlight on music acts performing on stages in other parts of the world, past and present. 02:59. All the women vocalists seem to have fun performing together and are happy to share the mic and the spotlight.Yessum, all is good down here in Florida. Hi, Alex!Thanks for joining the Country Club, good buddy! I love it when the HSCC works with a local school. :DCan't wait! Jordy Lennon is a huge character on stage, but he is completely different in real life, being much quieter, and very humble. If you close your eyes and listen to her vocal style, you might think you are listening to a young woman of color.It's interesting that the HSCC song cover you picked as "The Weakest Link" (Remember that old TV game show? The Hindley Street Country Club: Long Train Runnin'. They're a top class group. It is a shame that the collaboration between Con and Darren ended, but HSCC is doing massively well, and Singit Live seems to have its own momentum. Hindley Street Country Club. 9. Check out Hscc 2 by Hindley Street Country Club on Amazon Music. Releases. Start the wiki. I also like the cover of "The Best of My Love"! Former Record Producer & Audio Engineer at QEM Studios. Mixed by Dave Ross. They are so good, so professional that theyre now recognised as the worlds best covers band. I was hoping you'd run some of his East Coast tunes by your dad to see if he remembers them. If they were smart, they would let things simmer to a live 'riff off', that would be legendary. Hindley Street Country Club Hscc 3. Connect your Spotify account to your account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. In fact a lot of the music we do now as HSCC is what I was playing back then., Delo writes all of the arrangements for the band, but he adds: I also write some of my own material, but the way the recording industry is now theres just no traction for it, so a lot of my ideas end up going into new arrangements of old songs. They even had a video clip where they played back the audio in the room before it was mixed for the final production. Dear Jake W, half the 528 bus got a nice view of a poorly-framed snapchat you sent to a lady this arvo. In 2010, he took on and conquered the role of Judas in the stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar performing to sold out crowds nightly. James Muller's second album All Out won anARIA award for best jazz album in 2000 and the third, Thrum was nominated for the same award in 2002. I've been busy applying for a new job and vetting one company that offered an interview - which turned out to be a scam. I'm excited that you are responding so favorably to the covers performed by my special guests HSCC - The Hindley Street Country Club - a group of talented female vocalists and musicians from South Australia. If their version of "Stop Draggin'" met with your approval, that's really saying something, because classic rock of the 80s is your strong suit and you have attended so many live shows staged by artists of the period. 423 posts. Now I'm going to listen to these covers all day. A true Manopause man, he started this musical juggernaut at age 51, and HSCC covers and re-imagines great music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s including . . Have a good week, my friend! When it comes to Youtube it could be also about portions of the monetization of the videos or who has control of the channel and to what degree if it is shared ownership. For me the weakest was "Stop Dragging My Heart Around". Pina Del Re, Nikki Heuskes and Lesley Williams. I Keep Forgettin Hindley Street Country Club. Im unashamedly Team Darren in this. The venue is preparing to host several world-class acts, including UK electronic-pop duo Honne, the harmoniously interactive Pub Choir, and a slew of international and domestic talent yet to be announced. Con told me early in 2022 that Darren had not been with HSCC since May of 2021. If you want to download Hindley Street Country Club songs MP3, use the Boomplay App to download ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THE PRODUCTION COMPANIES AND MUSIC LABELS THAT DISTRIBUTED AND PRODUCED THE MUSIC AND PERFORMANCE RESPECTIVELY. Hscc 4. HSCC draws on the range of exceptional talent in South Australia, both for the members of its musical ensemble and its guest vocalists.. Danny Lopresto, Sarah LLoyde, Andy Seymour, Kat Jade, Vince Conatrino a few listed below. They have over 100 million YouTube views in just 3 years! Hindley Street Country Club were established in 2017 by Constantine Delo and Darren Mullan, HSCC is a collection of South Australia's finest musical and vocal talent who have been collaborating and producing quality interpretations of classic songs, performed and RECORDED LIVE. But Darren says the reality of becoming online sensations was never intended. I also enjoyed the Michael McDonald cover of "I Keep Forgettin". . Established in 2017 by Con Delo and Darren Mullan, HSCC is a collection of South Australia's finest 106. Hindley Street Country Club is based in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.Where does the name come from? In the good old days, a band would release an album and go on the road to promote its sales. If post-Darren HSCC was below par, then Toto would not have expressed its praise for the recent covers of Georgy Porgy and Rosanna, the latter of which was published only last Friday. The venue will ensure the continued development of the citys incredible live entertainment scene and will attract amazing performances for local music fans to enjoy while also creating jobs for the local community.. Visit our website and. I love it when the HSCC works with a local school. Ive crossed paths with Darren a few times as well as a number of the players. Go and find more music on Boomplay. COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT NOT INTENDED. 1K Followers. The band boasts a variety of excellent female lead zingers plus world class musicians that back them with a wall of sound that's as good as what you hear on the original studio recordings. I know you must be pooped by now, and the Challenge still has a way to go. I already presented one of Kat's solos from her channel in a previous post. Several friends I've taken have had nothing but great things to say. I'll see you tamale on K-day at Janet's Smiles! We dont have any upcoming events for this artist right now. The ones collaborating with Darren don't collab with HSCC and vice versa. But Mullan was not the vocalist who was supposed to sing it, and he'd never sung this song before. Luck comes into the equation, however, with the emergence of the Hindley Street Country Club just before the world went into an entertainment-starved two-year lockdown. He has played and recorded with Australian artists Vince Jones,James Morrison,Dale Barlow, Mike Nock, Renee Geyer, Bernie McGann, Don Burrows, Mark Isaacs,Sean Wayland, Katie Noonan, Rai Thistlethwayte, Steve Hunterand Scott Tinkler as well as international artistsChad Wackerman, Bill Stewart, Vinnie Colaiuta, Adam Nussbaum, Jay Anderson, Steve Tavaglione, Maria Schneider, Tim Ries, Tony Moncao, Christian McBride, John Scofield, Donny McCaslin, Bob Sheppard, Matt Pendman and Jochen Rueckert. Play. You put it nicely when you stated that The Hindley Street CC gets around and gets it. Can't wait for some more. Its gone totally out of control, beyond my wildest dreams.. Please wait while the order is being comfirmed. Ive got a lot of original material up my sleeve that Id like to release one day, but I never go into the studio thinking, oh god, not more covers. Had a look on what they cover on Youtube and their musical taste and what they cover does not really align with mine apart from a few tracks here and there, but from the few soundbites I listened to they are very good. The Thebby is an iconic Adelaide venue where so many great musicians have performed, and where so many of us have attended shows as fans, Darren says. The core of this powerhouse bands work is to support South Australian artists and spreading the love of real songs through the connections we all have online. HSCC is led by founder Constantine Delo and is a live studio / location cover band. I'll be seeing you tamale, L-day, at CAAC! I'm sure you knew which one I meant, but I forgot to mention the title of the Heart song, "Alone"! There she won Best Adult Singer, Singer of the Year and Best Overall Singer. Other readers have also mentioned that one as a favorite. In 2005, he was chosen as the South Australian representative to audition as lead vocalist for INXS, beating out many hopefuls and finishing in the Australian top 20. Discover Hindley Street Country Clubs latest songs, popular songs, Anyway, it's good to see you back and taking the latest Biffle trip with Shady Seaweed.People have left comments on the HSCC channel stating what you just did, that some, perhaps many of their covers are better than the originals. In 2019, Five Four opened Lion Arts Factory a purpose built 500 capacity music venue. He has also since returned to live and perform in Adelaide, South Australia. Followed categories will be added to My News. Danny has written and performed in original bands, sung T.V jingles and has recorded many voice overs over the course of his career. He can also be seen performing with the James Muller Quartet and as a guest with The New Cabal, Hindley Street Country Club and several others. I'm here! Hindley Street Country Club was established in 2017 by Constantine Delo and Darren Mullan. Hindley Street Country Club in concert. I hope your week is off to a great start and hope to see you again soon! Hindley Street Country Club. Into the Night. Just the Two of Us. They are amazing and perform these songs well. He draws you in and invites you to get to know him. 16 SONGS 1 HOUR AND 9 MINUTES MAR 12 2020. Hindley Street Country Club Hscc 4. Listen to Hscc 4 by Hindley Street Country Club on Top Charts. Initially inspired by rock music of the sixties and seventies his love of jazz took over at the age of 16. From what I can tell, very little (if anything) has been written about it. HSCC brought the horn section for last weekend's show, and it really added another dimension. Please kindly stay tuned and check your order status in User Center. Ride Like the Wind . He is currently known and performs as the guitarist of The Airbenders as well as teaching guitar at the Elder Conservatorium.

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