Allowing uncontrolled spread will take us right back to classrooms without teachers, or school days and buses canceled from staff illness. Spelling and grammar were not corrected. This will take many discussions and forgiveness. Based on the data, I plan to implement interventions and initiatives that can address these gaps and provide increased resources and support, such as dedicated time for teachers for development/training and extra tutoring for struggling students. Together. If not, you are nothing more than a hypocrite. Catherine McClary is the Washtenaw County treasurer, a full-time elected position. He has taught at three universities part-time, including the University of Michigan. How have we as a society, become ok on any level with the removal of 13 year old girls breasts, or castrating a 13 year old boy in the name of gender transition? Im running for this position because I want to help all kids thrive. She had also run unopposed in the August Democratic primary. McClary gets 109,321 votes (68.53%) compared to 49,537 votes (31.05%) for Chockley. Making our Skill Trades curriculum stronger, more visible and available any child interested in it, To have more Social workers and Psychologist in all schools. What should be done to improve student achievement in Ann Arbor? 1/5 (2) 250 E Michigan Ave Saline MI, 48176 Show map . She is unopposed in the general election and had also run unopposed in the August Democratic primary. Except where otherwise noted, this content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. One day a week on virtual school especially disadvantages kids without adults at home during the day to assist them, kids with unreliable housing, and kids that need the support of the school community. As a single mom with a full-time job outside the home, Ive experienced firsthand the frustration of not having the time or resources that other families have to be the squeaky wheel to get their students needs met. How do we make it better?- that aids in teaching ac-countably, Mental Health and Social Work support, Skill Trades, Teacher Autonomy to do the jobs they went to school to do, and teaching our children to respect and honor our environment. Also, access to the arts reinforces positive mental health. 2020 Nov 3 :: General Election :: County Treasurer :: Washtenaw County. McClary was elected as Washtenaw County commissioner in 1974, serving one of the districts in Ann Arbor. For a district that very vocally prides itself on equity, choosing to allow the federal program to expire with no backup plan, giving families only a few days notice that school would start without the meals theyd relied on for 2 years was a shocking choice. After salaries, energy is the second biggest expense for public K-12 schools. This means that the majority of next years school board will have served less than one term. Once assessed, a teacher needs to develop an individualized learning plan. The process of transitioning AAPS to a green infrastructure will also afford students opportunities to learn and experience green technologies. WHEREAS Governors, mayors and county sheriffs across the nation are declaring states of emergency under the guise of protecting the public from the coronavirus, All cultures are not the same and the products of those cultures cannot be expected to be represented in equal numbers in all endeavors. (Photo from The Ann Arbor Chronicle.). McClary is married toMike Merrick. The county treasurer is authorized by the Michigan Constitution and state law to serve as the county's banker and investment officer. I see my role as a School Board Trustee as ensuring that the district prioritizes success and happiness for ALL students. Facebook gives people the power to share and. Safe to share ideas, take risks, to fail sometimes and to know their emotions and individuality is valued. She said she wants to ask hard questions and work collaboratively to make decisions as a board member. Also my lived experiences have shown me that systemic racism is still harming Ann Arbor students. Further progress for our district on reducing the number of days our students miss school for any reason. ANN ARBOR, MI Voters across Washtenaw County have a long list of local and state-level races and ballot proposals to decide in the general election Tuesday, Nov. 8. She is a member of Ann Arbor School Parents Intent on Racial Equity, the Skyline PTSO, PTOC and Washtenaw County Equitable Engagement Steering Committee. More Local News to Love Start today for 50% off Expires 3/6/23. A strong board of education can greatly affect student achievement. Dr. Paulette Margaret Metoyer M.D. Nov. 7, 2000: Wins re-election for a second four-year term as Washtenaw County treasurer, defeating Republican Kimberly Cashman. Privacy Policy | The treasurer's primary responsibilities are to safeguard public funds and to collect and account for the revenue used to operate programs for county residents. Information on other state, county and local primary races can be found at Ann Arbor Public Schools has always been known for its robust arts programs and I will fight to preserve those programs.Yet another priority will be staffing and other resources for students with special needs. YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. I plan to analyze and address opportunity gaps in education to ensure consistency throughout the district. These problems reflect a changing and chaotic society. Her current four-year term runs through 2016. Since a majority of the board will be overturning this year ensuring stability is the biggest challenge and is of upmost importance. Election results and vote counts for candidates for office, ballot questions, and party enrollment and voter registration and turnout statistics. The pandemic did not bring out the best in people or organizations. YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. The expected price of renting a two bedrooms in the 48105 zip code is $1,480/month. 3. Catherine McClary at an October 2012 candidate forum. And they need a more structured way to communicate their needs to the board. 3. I care about keeping the momentum of success. Washtenaw County Critical Incident Stress Management Team Lisa Lewis, Treasurer Phone: 734-482-6099 Fax: 734-482-3842 Email: Office Hours - Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Candidates in this contest and votes received: Catherine McClary (72.6%), Paulette Metoyer (27.4%), Rejected write-ins (0.1%), Unassigned write-ins (0.0%), Undervotes (6.6%), Overvotes (0.0%), Invalid Votes (0.0%), Total Votes Cast (0.0%), and Total Ballots Cast (0.0%). However, technology is no cure-all and the board trustees need to be that oversight that ensures new programs and other changes in our schools are evidence-based, actually help our students in greatest need, and deliver results. We then have parents fighting the use of digital devices. Treasurer/Washtenaw County Paulette Metoyer Clerk & Register of Deeds Gary Greiner Washtenaw County Commissioner/1st District Rod Anderson Washtenaw County Commissioner/2nd District Scott Inman Washtenaw County Commissioner/3rd District Ken Seiler Washtenaw . They have been involved with dividing us along racial lines, instead of unifying us around American identity. Nov. 4, 1986: Defeats Republican David J. I would also engage the educators, parents, the business community students, and everyone with a stake in public education to collectively determine a plan for funding and implementing the strategies from the Launch Michigan Framework (; the National Center of Educational Excellence and the Economy (; Detroit Disability Power (; Center for Disability Justice ( and the Therapist Neurodiversity Collaborative ( policy proposals including how to develop Effective Teachers, Principles, and Administrators are available at: Public school administrators are acting out of their realm of expertise in issuing such mandates and they are physically and emotionally harming children. Aug. 10, 1982: Defeats Gerald Faye in the Democratic primary for District 9 on the Washtenaw County board of commissioners, representing Ann Arbor. 1998 - 20079 years. I would be grateful for your support and vote to help carry this work forward. Free Income Tax Filing Assistance Available Sign up starts January 19 Read on. Do you have an issue you especially care about? DATE? We can solve these problems if these groups feel appreciated and included. 2. Mohammad has experience as a clinician, educator and researcher. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Nov. 6, 2012: Wins re-election for a fifth four-year term as Washtenaw County treasurer, defeating Republican Marlene Chockley. She has spent 25 years working with families and doing nonprofit board and advocacy work. We as a country seem to have given up on school integration--it peaked in 1987 and is now at Brown vs. Board of Education levels. There is clear empirical evidence that school closings were inefficient in stopping the community spread of the disease. She also has served on other nonprofit boards for the last nine years. School must be safe, and all our students deserve to feel like they belong, full stop. . Each candidate was asked to outline their stances on a variety of public policy issues listed below. ANN ARBOR, MI - While three members of the Ann Arbor School Board whose terms expire at the end of the year have opted not to seek re-election, there is no shortage of interest from the community in filling those seats, with 13 candidates vying for four seats in the Nov. 8 general election. Metoyer lost in the general election on November 8, 2022. Terms of Use | How long will it take to reduce tensions and increase trust amongst ourselves? The Board of Education will need to prioritize recruitment and retention of high quality educators and continue their work to create a professional learning environment where these educators can grow and develop. See school board candidates for Washtenaw Countys main school districts, including Ann Arbor Public Schools, here. Re-establishing relationships with other key stakeholders in the community. Learn more | Addressing inflation and staffing shortages -- which includes addressing teacher pay, satisfaction and well-being -- must be a priority. Salaries and benefits for our staff is a large portion of our budget and will continue to be. Washtenaw County, Michigan Page 2 of 2 Judicial Judge of Circuit Court 22nd Circuit Non-Incumbent Position Ann Arbor Public Schools also has room to grow and progress to an improved and new level of education. In Michigan, the largest share of funding is determined by the state and follows student enrollment. Our website website can be found here: Overcoming its own dysfunction. Addressing the labor shortage which has been a national problem for a long time. The district needs to find ways to be more competitive, to retain the amazing teachers we have, and keep them from burning out or going elsewhere. Public education should stick within budgetary limits. I am the only incumbent running for re-election. Lets start by developing a strong sense of community to solve these issues, with students, parents and teachers. We can never let this happen again, yet some talk about introducing zoom days back into public schools as a way to address staffing shortages and budget limitations. I would pursue a revenue strategy focused on providing student-centered funding, with specific emphases on improving outcomes for students experiencing poverty, geographic isolation, English language learners, special education, and career and technical education. I want to keep public schools in-person, address the harms to learning outcomes many students experienced during virtual school, and improve clear and transparent communication about district decisions. Wilkins has degrees in both music and psychology from the University of Michigan. As a leader, Im more swayed by data and by examples of innovative, effective policy than I am by the most strident voices in a room: Im most interested in bringing all voices to the table, particularly those who arent being heard. 6. All responses in the voter guide were submitted directly by the candidate and have not been edited by the League of Women Voters, except for a necessary cut if a reply exceeded character limitations. What needs to be done is to keep focused on doing what is right. Why should we continue to benefit from our white privilege, while so many brown and black children who live just outside our school district, remain trapped in failing schools? We need to look at our budget in a way that prioritizes the social emotional well being of student; that is the balance that our budget needs to meet the needs of our children. In-person quality public school is simply essential and cant be compromised. I will accomplish this by being vocal about the needs of the most vulnerable and encouraging my fellow trustees to support my goals while engaging our Superintendent. I will work with administrators and principle to increase access to our schools to civic organizations, leaders in business, education, labor, and parents to ensure high quality offerings to AAPSs students. -Is money being spent on physical facilities in a way that is environmentally sustainable with an eye to the future?I intend to help facilitate substantive discussions on how we fulfill our fiscal responsibility as a board based solid information and data. McClary was elected as Washtenaw County commissioner in 1974, serving one of the districts in Ann Arbor. Predicting the future is tough. Lastly, I will support professional learning for our districts educators so they are current with evidence-based teaching strategies that are based in peer-reviewed research. Aviva R Morady, Fred Morady, and two other persons spent some time in this place. If elected, my process for building consensus on the Board will include evidence-based justification for why to tackle an issue and how the issue can best be solved or improved. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. It is also wonderful to see strong advocates for our children, who are the teachers. For our students, we need an all-hands-on-deck approach that invites the community to be a part of reducing disparities in learning outcomes and restoring much needed public school services to families, such as before-and-after school-based childcare. As long as these inequities are allowed to persist, well have weaker student achievement than we should have in this district. She has spent time volunteering on school PTO boards, serving as vice president of the Scarlett Middle School PTO board for three years. (2) Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Catch-Up After so much remote learning, mental health issues for many students have increased, while academic achievement levels, especially in reading and math, have decreased. I also have a goal of advocating for an updated curriculum that includes Social Emotional Learning as well as Restorative Justice . As a veteran teacher my top priority has always been to make sure my students felt the classroom and the school was a safe place. Nothing can be done without 4 votes. The general fund, the majority of which covers teacher salaries, has limited flexibility is rightly spent cautiously on District priorities. Detroit, Michigan. The public schools, under no circumstances should feel that they have the right to interfere with anothers respiratory function by mandating the use of unhygienic masks that forces the wearer to violate OSHA clean air standards, and place others at risk of becoming ill. I will push the school district to doing more to help all those students who have fallen behind in their learning due to zoom school. Fostering community input and discussions at all levels. The alteration in body chemistry from CO2 (the same CO2 that the environmentalists abhor) that results from these masks is extensive but the long term consequences are currently unknown, as this has never been done in the history of the world. We need to evaluate student learning and learning loss, teacher resources and development, student resources and support, and other factors such as the inequities, especially in people of color, refugees, students with disabilities and other underserved populations. I know if we elect enough people brave enough to make the hard right choice, we can make a real difference this year. I want schools to stop pulling kids away from their parents influence. When one school isnt performing as well as others, all schools arent performing as well as they could, and at the root of many student achievement problems are inequities that are made worse by misallocation of resources and systematic segregation of students by race and socioeconomic status. Public schools have overstepped their bounds. Nov. 4, 2008: Wins re-election for a fourth four-year term as Washtenaw County treasurer. Prior to her election as Washtenaw County treasurer, McClary worked in the private sector as a stockbroker and investment advisor. With board members Rebecca Lazarus, Jessica Kelly and Bryan Johnson opting not to run again, trustee Susan Baskett is the only incumbent with an expiring term to file for re-election for another four-year term. Schumer worked in public schools for 23 years as a clinical social worker, working with children with emotional and behavioral problems, as well as students with educational disabilities. I want all teaching to end the message to kids, that we live in a horrible, racist country. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. This will also positively impact student achievement. Teachers and Staff -I plan to assess and address burnout in our teachers and staff. I want schools to stop teaching critical race theory, and start teaching kids how to critically think. McClary had run unopposed in the Aug. 5, 1986 Democratic primary. We have parents fighting this, insisting on a gifted and talented program instead. Heres whos running in the Nov. 8 election. Note: Supreme Court elections are nonpartisan and candidates party affiliation will not appear on the ballot, though they are nominated by political parties to run. I want to make sure that ALL students, ALL families, and ALL communities are considered and consulted when policy decisions are made. A students ability to learn is determined by a number of factors outside of the classroom (e.g., hunger, homelessness, poverty, violence, mental health, and unsafe environmental conditions); therefore we need a comprehensive approach to ensure that students have access to high-quality health care, financial support, and out-of school opportunities that support their success. It does not mean another $10 million in technology funding on more apps and devices, some of which are hardly used and parents dont want. November 1974: Wins election to her first two-year term on the Washtenaw County board of commissioners representing District 15 in Ann Arbor. The Board will need to think ahead on processes to enable rapid shared understanding of challenges and how to move forward. And who once said give me a child for 4 hours a day over 4 years, and I will have them believing anything I want them to? Education. She said her perspective as a refugee, person of color and growing up in poverty and her experience as a scientist, educator and healthcare worker qualifies her for the board. Ensuring open communication, transparency and inclusiveness of the schools to provide social, emotional and educational support to all members of our community. Im also eager to learn what else we can do in Ann Arbor beyond what I know today. I think this will allow us to each exhale, reflect and re-commit to our community. A look at where Ann Arbor school board candidates stand on the issues, Ann Arbor voters to decide tax proposal that could raise $160M for affordable housing, Here are some projects Ann Arbors proposed affordable housing tax could fund, Write-in candidate for City Council emerges in Ann Arbors 1st Ward, Dexter would hold elections to sell city-owned property if ballot proposal passes, Saline mayor, city council members face challengers in November election, A roundup of county-level races on the Nov. 3 ballot in Washtenaw County, 10 (yard) signs show Donald Trump isnt getting many votes in Ann Arbor, These 12 proposals are on the November 2020 ballot in Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor to put extra ballot drop boxes throughout city for potential record-setting election, Ann Arbor affordable housing tax proposal heads to November ballot, 20-year affordable housing tax could help fundamentally change Ann Arbor, mayor says, Tax proposal on November ballot would help fill Ann Arbors sidewalk gaps, How the vote went in Washtenaw Countys record-setting primary election, A slate of four candidates, plus one other, are running for Ann Arbor District Library trustee seats, Voters set to decide who takes over the bench from retiring 14B District Court judge, Voters set to decide who will be new Washtenaw County trial judge presiding over family-court cases, Chamber of commerce endorses Ann Arbors affordable housing tax proposal, Voters urged not to cast ballot for Dexter school trustee who poses greatest single threat to district, Democrats vs. Republicans: 4 state House races in Washtenaw County on Nov. 3 ballot, Walberg, Driskell face off for third time for Congressional seat, Dingell faces 2 repeat challengers in Michigans 12th Congressional District race, Early in-person voting at Ann Arbor city hall, UM campus starts Sept. 24, Dressed as Captain Planet, Ann Arbor lawmaker hits campus to urge UM students to vote. The savings in energy bills along will result in millions in the operations budget. Address Opportunity Gaps in Education. Students need to see these aspects of themselves celebrated and reflected in curriculum materials and in classroom and extracurricular activities. My family struggled and we have lived through tough financial, social and emotional struggles, including racism and poverty. She also has served as president of the Head Start Parent committee, as a room and band parent and has completed Diversity and Inclusion training including Unconscious Bias and You. She has been a communications professional in health care for nearly two decades. Please do not place tax payments into the green Clerk's Office mailbox located directly outside the front entrance. For the 2020 election in Michigan, the primary is Aug. 4 and the general election is Nov. 3.Milt Klingensmith | Equity, equity, equity. As a board member I pushed to disarm the SROs in the Monroe County schools, and when the Indiana state legislature passed a bill allowing school districts to join social justice education with curricula, I very quickly wrote and passed our districts resolution to do so.

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